1.“Spiel mit mir (“Play with Me”)6:20
2.“Herzeleid (“Heartbreak”)3:58
3.“Bestrafe mich (“Punish Me”)3:51
4.“Weißes Fleisch (“White Flesh”)4:34
5.“Sehnsucht (“Longing”)4:25
6.“Asche zu Asche (“Ashes to Ashes”)3:26
7.“Wilder Wein (“Wild Wine”)5:58
8.“Klavier (“Piano”)4:49
9.“Heirate mich (“Marry Me”)7:48
10.“Du riechst so gut (“You Smell So Good”)5:24
11.“Du hast (“You Have”)4:34
12.“Bück dich (“Bend Over”)[Notes 3]5:48
13.“Engel (“Angel”)6:33
15.“Tier (“Animal”)3:42
16.“Laichzeit (“Spawning Time”)5:15
17.“Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen? (“Do You Want to See the Bed in Flames?”)6:23
18.“Seemann (“Seaman”)8:26

The DVD version also contains a subtitled 1997 interview, with the band’s members, discussing Rammstein in general, and a multi-angle area featuring TierDu hast, and Rammstein. There is also a 2-stage quiz accessible through PCs.

Re-released on 27.03.20! This re-release in digipack contains, besides the already known setlist, the then censored title “Bück dich”.