Hey, yes, you can punish me if you don't like this site, like in the title 🙂 My name is Lukas. I became fascinated with Rammstein about 20 years ago. Herzeleid was the first album I listened to, and the first concert I attended was Mutter Tour in 2001. I created this site because I think that the Live Aus Berlin 1998 concert is absolutely their best concert, despite the fact that we have newer, younger concert tours and concerts. but still live aus Berlin remains their best concert for me, it is full-blown, it is historical is wonderful. You, as recipients and fans of Rammstein, have your favorite concerts, albums and concert tours. The site is not intended to convince you to my opinion, but it is to be a tribute to this wonderful concert in Berlin - Live Aus Berlin 1998. 
Best regards! Lukas.